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With five years of experience building behavioural analytics for online forms and checkouts, we're the market leaders. Our sister-product Formisimo is the de-facto standard for form behavioural analytics.

Zuko is our Enterprise-first platform, providing 10x the insight of any other analytics platform with advanced features, visualisations and filtering.

If the conversion rate of your forms is critical, use the platform that provides more data and insight than any other. Combine our analytics with our form optimisation consultancy to increase your conversion rates further.

See Individual User Sessions

Follow the path of each user who engages with your forms and see the timeline of their field interactions. Segment the session view to see just users who have interacted with a particular field, and split the sessions using custom segments.

See data for any date range

All of our behavioural reports allow you to view data across any time period, from a single day to multiple years. Zoom into a single problematic period, or view trends across months and years.

Analyse multi-step forms

Easily track each step of a multi-step process and view headline data for the entire process, or jump into each step to analyse deeper user behaviour.

Measure form behaviour in a thousand ways

Zuko delivers dozens of form behaviour metrics, alongside the ability to add limitless custom metrics. Filter this data in our easy to use reporting interface, and interrogate user sessions individually in our session view.

Dive into our metrics to carry out a deep analysis, or use our headline data to get a quick understanding of where your form problems are.

Powerful, insightful, easy to understand

Our beautiful reporting interface delivers easily understood deep insight. View headline form behaviour metrics and see how your performance is trending, or deep-dive into our unique form metrics. You'll find that Zuko is the easiest analytics platform to use.

Our session view allows you to see the behavioural timelines for individual users, delivering user-level data in a unique way. Segment these views by your own custom segments or show only users who have engaged with a particular field to view users that you want to understand.

Millisecond Accurate Timings

Zuko tracks form interactions to the millisecond so you get accurate timings on how long users spend in your fields and forms.

Split out our timing data by users who completed and users who abandoned your forms to understand where time is an abandonment issue.

Custom Segmentation

Use your own metrics to create custom segments and view form behaviour for each cohort. In a checkout process use the basket value to split form behaviour by potential revenue, create a custom segment based on the landing page of the user or use your own marketing or channel tags as custom segments.

The options for custom segmentation are limitless. The Zuko reporting interface allows you to apply multiple custom segments at the same time, within our core data view or our user session view.

Segment by User Data

Create advanced custom segments that are based on information that users enter into your forms. Create segmentation by gender, postal code or zip code, or age.

Zuko's easy integration process allows you to create segments on any fields that the user will enter information into.

Easy Integration and Privacy
are at Zuko's core

Zuko has been built for Enterprise clients, and we've created a world-class platform around the core components of data privacy, and data security. That's why Zuko's parent company is trusted by some of the World's leading financial institutions.

Easy Integration

There's no complex code changes needed to start gathering behavioural data, and you can deploy Zuko via your tag management system. Learn More

Works With Every Form

From registration forms in a single-page-application to complex checkout processes where forms are drawn in via AJAX, Zuko works out-of-the-box. Learn More

GDPR & Privacy Compliant

Zuko tracks behavioural, not personal, information so there's no privacy or GDPR challenges. Integrating Zuko requires minimal sign-off from your legal team. Learn More

Zuko Platform Video

Replay each user's session

Getting aggregate data on customers' pain points in your form is a powerful way to optimise it. But, what if you want to understand behaviour on a user level?

Zuko shows you view individual user sessions and the timeline of their events.
  • View the actions that a user makes in your form.
  • Filter to see just sessions that engage with a field.
  • Use segments and custom segments.
  • See each interaction and timing to the millisecond.

See how error messages affect conversion.

Error messages come in different forms. Some analytics platforms track browser console errors - Zuko has an open-ended event tracking system that allows you to track any event that, including when error messages are shown to users within your UX

Zuko's custom event engine also allows you to tell us when important things happen in your form, like when an informational message is shown to the user. By combining these custom events with our behavioural data you can find user problems, and further optimisation opportunities.

  • Track key events in your forms, like error or informational messages
  • Visualise how these events influence conversion or drop-off.
  • View data on how many times each message is shown, and to what percentage of users.
  • See events in the individual session view, to debug why users drop out.

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