Your Form Conversion Rate Is Important

Zuko measures micro-interactions in your forms and shows you the pain points and opportunities so you can increase completions and revenue.

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Why Form Analytics is important

Understanding what your users do in your forms or checkout process allows you to find pain points and opportunities.

Zuko's market-leading form analytics shows you how to improve your forms, reduce abandonment and increase revenue.

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What will Zuko help me answer?

Zuko turns millions of behavioural data points into beautiful, easy to understand reports. We'll capture every interaction that every customer makes in your forms, and turn that into easy-to-digest insight.

Here are example questions that Zuko will answer for you:

"What fields cause my users to abandon?"
Zuko will show you what fields cause abandonment, how much abandonment relates to that field and how the field performs over time.
  • Use the Overview report to visualise drop off points.
  • The Abandoned Fields report gives in-depth data on field abandonment.
  • Map a field's abandonment rate, and total abandonments, over time to see if the problem is static, or getting worse.

Zuko will also help you understand what users do prior to abandoning:
  • Use the Session View to analyse the timelines of users that abandon, but who engaged with a particular field.
  • Use the Session View to analyse the timelines of users that abandon, but who engaged with a particular field.
"How do errors affect conversions?"
Zuko can track when errors or information messages are shown to users, and how this affects conversion.

  • Use the Event Overview report to see which fields cause the highest volume of error messages.
  • Within that report see how the conversion and abandonment rate changes based on an error being seen.
  • Use the session view to see the timeline of events that led to an error being shown.
"What fields do users return to the most?"
Zuko tracks field returns (when a user goes back to a previously engaged-with field).

  • Use the Field Returns report to see the number of returns, and the percentage of sessions that returned to that field.
  • Within that report see a split of abandoned and converting users who returned to a field.
  • Use the session view to see what users do before, and after, they return to a field, as well as an error or informational messages.
"How does my marketing affect form behaviour?"
Zuko's custom attributes allow you to push in marketing data, like the campaign, channel and source data from Google Analytics. These custom attributes are used to filter our reports, and also create comparison views.

  • Use the Zuko Comparison View to build a dashboard of all your marketing channels.
  • Within the Comparison View you can see an overview of form behaviour and a chart of key metrics. Use this to identify the weakest channels for form completion.
  • Dive deeper into form behaviour by filtering our reports to just the weakest channel, then dig in to understand why users are struggling.
"Do browser errors affect conversion?"
Zuko's custom events allow us to capture browser console errors (the kind hidden from the user, but that indicate a problem with your webpage).

  • Use the Zuko Event report to get deep data on console errors.
  • See how errors affect conversion, and how often they appear for users.
  • Dig deeper by using the Zuko session view. See where console errors appear in a users timeline, and what they do after the error happens.
"How can I stay on top of form breakages?"
Zuko's alerting feature will email you quickly when we notice an issue with your form performance. You will stay on top of internal and external issues that are causing problems for users, and by fixing them quickly you'll minimise revenue loss.
  • Setup custom alerts that automatically email stakeholders when performance is abnormal.
  • Create multiple alerts for different teams, with different sensitivities.

What will Zuko show me?

Zuko contains an ever-growing set of reports, charts and features to show you opportunities and challenges in your forms (we launch new features and visualisations each month).

Basic Features:
  • Dozens of unique metrics with beautiful visualisations.
  • Explore a timeline of each user's actions in your form.
  • Easily compare behaviour metrics for customer segments.
Advanced Features:
  • Push custom data into Zuko and filter our reports and charts by your own custom metrics.
  • Add custom events and track when errors or informational messages are shown to users.
  • Get expert form optimisation consultancy.

Why we're the market leader

Zuko has been created by the Formisimo team, a startup focused on measuring and improving online forms since 2014. Formisimo is already used by global brands like Capital One, Uber, QVC, Toyota, Sony, William Hill and Experian.

  • Creators and leaders in the Form Analytics category.
  • Rapid addition of new features.
  • Innovative, Enterprise-first platform.
  • Data and insight that drives change.
  • Outstanding account management and consultancy.

About the Zuko Team

Privacy & Security At Our Core

Zuko is interested in user behaviour, but not the information that a user enters into your forms. We don't track or store personal information, not even the IP address of the user, so our platform is fully GDPR compliant.

Leading financial services organisations trust Zuko. If your organisation has more complex security requirements then our team will work within your security processes.

  • No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is transmitted or stored.
  • Zuko measures user behaviour and does not store user data.
  • ISO 27001 Data Center.

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New Feature: Add new forms

You can now add forms easily to Zuko find out how.

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