New Feature: Add new forms

You can now add forms easily to Zuko. There is now a new option next to the username ‘Add Form’.

Select this option and you’ll be taken to a new page. Here you’ll see fields to complete relating to your form. The tooltips for each field will explain what each field refers to.

Once you’ve entered your form details and hit save you’ll see the following message:

If you understand how to identify an element you’ll be prompted to visit our installation guide for instructions for creating your tracking and completion codes. For guidance on the Tracking and Completion codes for Zuko watch our video

If you’re not sure how to identify an element on your form your account manager will get in touch and help you create installation and completion codes for your form.

Remember, there is no limit to the number of forms you can add to Zuko as long as the total number of visits to all of your forms doesn’t exceed your visit limit. If you exceed your visit limit your form(s) will stop tracking data until the limit is reset at the beginning of the next month.

If you have any questions about this feature or would like a demo of Zuko please get in touch 

Amy Amy is the Customer Success Manager at Zuko. She helps our customers improve their online forms by showing them how to get the best out of the platform. She also manages our agency partners and delivers insight and training sessions to our users.