Incredible data, you've never seen before

Get a deeper understanding of how users engage with your online forms. Find problems you didn't know existed, and maximise your form and checkout completion rates

See unique form behaviour metrics

Zuko captures more behavioural data than any other platform, then we generate even more new metrics and measurements using that data. You'll see data at a depth you didn't think possible and find incredible new ways to find optimisation opportunities.

Our reporting interface shows you the insight that matters. Each reporting block has been created to highlight specific problems in your forms so you can take that insight and start to make changes.

See Headline Form Behaviour and Trends
See form viewers, starters & completions. Compare them to previous periods. See the average completion time and average field returns.
Visualise Visitors, Starters, Completions
See your form visits, starters and completions over any time period (from a single hour to multiple years) grouped by hour, day, week or month.

See deep field-level data

Zuko measures every micro-interaction that a user makes in your forms, which gives us thousands of data-points for every single form visitor, all measured to the millisecond.

This deep data is mined to reveal how users engage with each field in your forms. Visualise how far users get in your form before they experience issues, then dig deeper to understand which fields cause abandonment, field returns and which fields cause the most abandonment. Overlay conversion and abandonment data over the aggregate field data to zoom into the fields that are costing your revenue.

Visualise Field Frustration
See how far people get into your form before they start to struggle. See the percentage of time, field returns and abandonment by fields, in field order.
See Field Return Data
Get deep data on the fields that users return to the most. See how returning to a field influences abandonment, and see the average field returns per field.
Visualise Field Return Data, by outcome
Visualise how returning to a field influences conversion or abandonment. See which fields have the highest percentage of return-abandoners.
See millisecond accurate field times
See how much time users spend in each field and compare the average field times for converting users and abandoning users.

Monitor trends over time

Seeing if form or field metrics are getting better or worse over time is key to your optimisation plan. A field may be performing well, but is it getting progressively better or worse, and how will that impact on our optimisation roadmap?

Zuko allows you to visualise trends on a form and field basis. For forms you can track the starter to completion rate and the viewer to starter rate over any time period, with hourly, daily, weekly or monthly granularity. You can also view the field abandonment rate and count on a per field basis and for any time period. To help remove spikes you can opt for any level of granularity, from hour, day, week or month.

Track your key conversion metrics
Visualise your visitor-to-form-starter rate and your form-starter-to-completion rate over time, easily group your behavioural data by hour, day, week or month.
See field abandonment over time
Visualise field-level abandonment over any time period and group behavioural data by week or month to see field performance trends.

See the actions each user takes

Our aggregate data guides you to the form bottlenecks, but what if you want to understand a users, or a set of users, path and issues in a form?

Zuko's Session Explorer allows you to see a timeline of events that each user takes in your form. You can filter these to zoom into issues that you want to explore.

Our timeline is significantly easier to engage with that a typical session-replay platform, and it's an incredibly powerful way to understand broken paths and optimisation opportunities.
  • View the actions that an individual (anonymised) user makes in your forms.
  • Filter to find just sessions that contain specific issues.
  • Use segments and custom segments to filter users further.

Filter users by engagement type
Explore the users that matter by filtering data on whether the user interacted with a certain field, and segment users by your own custom attributes.
View problematic users paths
Explore the users that matter by filtering data on whether the user interacted with a certain field, and segment users by your own custom attributes.

Push custom data into Zuko

We've built a flexible, open system that allows you to push data in and segment on the information that's important to you.

Zuko's open API allows you to share data in for each session. Send us the marketing data for the user so that you can identify paid campaigns that cause greater form abandonment, or push in the basket value for a customer so that you can compare how high and low-value customers use your checkout.

Here are some ways that our clients are currently using custom segmentation:

  • Use non-identifiable values that the user enters in fields to segment (e.g. sex, age, city).
  • Segment behavioural data by channel, source or campaign.
  • Segment users based on the type of product they were interested in.

See how error messages affect conversion.

Error messages come in different forms. Some analytics platforms track browser console errors - Zuko has an open-ended event tracking system that allows you to track any event, including when error messages are shown to users within your UX

Zuko's custom event engine also allows you to tell us when important things happen in your form, like when an informational message is shown to the user. By combining these custom events with our behavioural data you can find user problems, and further optimisation opportunities.

  • Track key events in your forms, like error or informational messages
  • Visualise how these events influence conversion or drop-off
  • View data on how many times each message is shown, and to what percentage of users
  • See events in the individual session view, to debug why users drop out.

Compare customer segments and form steps

Easily compare different custom segments, or visualise a multi-step form, by using our powerful comparison feature. Add forms or segments side-by-side and then see the key metrics charted and displayed in a table below.

Seeing user segments side by side will reveal optimisation opportunities. Zuko allows you to save comparison dashboards and share them amongst your team.

  • Compare AB test variants to go deeper than conversion rates.
  • Compare the performance metrics for each browser type to isolate UX or technical bottlenecks.
  • Compare the form performance of all of your AdWords campaigns to prioritise campaigns that deliver a greater form starter to completion rate.

Get Alerts on form issues

Reduce lost revenue by using our custom alerting functionality, and get fast alerts when your form performance dips. Find out about critical dips in performance in hours, not days.

  • Create custom alerts for your marketing, development and analytics teams.
  • Get fast email notifications when your form performance dips.

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New Feature: Add new forms

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