Integrating Zuko's Form Analytics Platform

How to start capturing form behaviour


Zuko is integrated via a JavaScript API. This can be deployed via a tag manager, or added to the code of your website.

There are currently four types of code that you can add to your site: Our Activity and Conversion tracking code is required for Zuko to function. The Activity tracking code monitors and measure engagement in input elements and the Conversion Tracking Code is fired when the user has successfully completed a form, or a step in a longer process.

There are two optional pieces of code that you can deploy to get greater insight into how users engage with your forms.

Custom Attributes

The Custom Attributes tag allows you to push in one, or more, variables and values that are related to the user. This could be the marketing source of the user, the value of the order that the user has in their basket, or the type of products the user is engaging with. The system is flexible and allows multiple attributes to be applied to each session.

You can then filter on custom attributes, or compare the performance of segments side by side. This would allow you to see the performance issues and opportunities for different customer segments.

Custom Events

The Custom Events tag allows you to track and store when an event takes place that Zuko wouldn't normally track. This could be when an error message is shown to the user (and what the error message contains), or when the user clicks on the terms and conditions link. The system is flexible, but unlike custom attributes an event can fire more than once per session.

You can see how events influence conversion and abandonment in our aggregate form reporting.

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